The Church Gathered

Missional Communities come together on Sundays, 10am at Bowie Elementary to celebrate all that Jesus has done and is doing in our lives. 

Why We Gather

The Bible warns that we are a forgetful people.  Thus, we remind each other weekly of our identity in Christ, worshiping Him through song, prayer, communion, and the study of Scripture.  We view Sunday Gatherings as a weekly "commissioning service" to equip and empower our Missional Communities (MCs), that they might be sent out as disciples who make disciples.

What to Expect

Our Sunday Gatherings might look a little different than a typical American church service.  Ephesians 4:1-16 tells us that we are one body with many different parts.  When each part is working properly, the entire body is built up into him who is the head, Jesus Christ!  To that end, we seek to study The Word as a whole body.  Our sermons are often interactive, allowing the saints to build each other up in love.  If you're a first-time visitor, don’t panic!  No one is required to interact and you will certainly never be put on the spot to speak.

Soma San Marcos values being a multi-generational Body.  We know that children and teens are not the future of the church; they are the church! With that in mind, we welcome all ages in our main gathering.  We offer Fidget Bags for older children to use during the sermon. Parents may also utilize the Nursery (ages 0-2) and Kid's Ministry (ages 3-7) when children are dismissed before the sermon begins.  Soma San Marcos ensures that kids are safe and well-loved by trained volunteers during the Sunday Gatherings.  We offer a secure space where kids can be kids!  Furthermore, as a Body of Believers, we seek to come alongside parents (within MCs) to assist them in the everyday hard work of training up disciples in their own home.

Soma San Marcos is an imperfect people serving a perfect God. As we live out our calling to be the Church, our weaknesses will be exposed more and more. Contrary to what our culture says, this is a good thing! We remember Paul’s words in 2 Corinthians 12: “When I am weak, then I am strong.” So if you’re expecting a perfect church with no weaknesses, you won’t find it here. But we pray that our weaknesses always point to the power of Christ!

Please note that throughout the year, we have roughly four “Scatter Sundays." On these days, we do not meet at Bowie Elementary. Please join our church network, The Realm, to receive regular updates!