Reflection Guide - 1 Peter 1:1-2

Key points from the sermon:

  • In this letter, Peter writes to the “elect exiles of the Dispersion.”  Elect exiles - it seems like an oxymoron.  As Christ-followers, we are chosen and known by God, yet foreign and strange in this land, waiting for our real home in Heaven.  This identity as elect exiles defines our lives as Christ-followers and the rest of Peter’s letter will ride on this identity - he’ll be unpacking more and more what it means to live as elect exiles. 

  • In verse 2, Peter begins to explain what it means to be elect.  God the Father created us and foreknew we would reject Him, He foreknew we’d kill His son, and He foreknew that Christ would be resurrected!  The Spirit sanctifies us (makes us holy).  And the sprinkled blood of Jesus washes us clean from sin (justification).  This is the Trinity in full unity - we are loved by ALL of God.

  • It is the fact that we chosen by God (elect) that allows us to live as exiles (being rejected and hated) with “grace and peace… multiplied.”  Our time on earth as exiles is only temporary.  Our time as God’s chosen is forever! No matter our situation, we can have grace and peace in abundance because of Jesus Christ!

Scripture to meditate on this week:

“If you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.”  -Jesus speaking in John 15:19

Discussion Questions:

  1. What is implied by the word “elect”?  Why does Peter refer to the believers as “elect”?

  2. What is implied by the word “exile”?  What does life in exile look and feel like?  In what ways are followers of Christ exiles?

  3. How is our identity as “elect exiles” good news?  How does this identity impact our lives and impact our mission?  Do you sometimes get stuck in one part of the identity - either only living as “elect” or only living as an “exile”?  Which one do you struggle with the most? Why?

  4. Looking at verse 2, we see the Trinity in full display and full unity.  What role does each part of the Trinity play? Explain the terms “foreknowledge,” “sanctification,” and “sprinkling.”  Note their importance to Christians.

  5. Do you live with “grace and peace” multiplied?  Why or why not? Do others see you living with “grace and peace” multiplied?  Why or why not?


This week think on the wonders of being “chosen” - what peace, what joy does that bring you?!?  You can read this article by John Piper - 10 Reasons to Revel in Being Chosen.  Delight in being chosen; enjoy Jesus - let Him multiply your grace and peace!  Also, think about your life as an exile. Who around you needs the grace and peace we have in Christ?  How can you begin to share this grace and peace, how can you make it visible and accessible to those around you?  Journal and pray through your thoughts on being an “elect exile.” Watch expectantly as God helps us embrace this identity as a church!