Our Missional Identity

Mission is not something we achieve. It is part of our identity. Mission is central to what it means to be God’s people.
— Tim Chester

In response to Nehemiah 11, we’re focusing this week on church-planting and our identity as a missional people. Jesus left His throne in Heaven and came to earth to pursue us. As His followers, our very nature is to regularly, constantly leave our comfort and go pursue others and/or send others with our blessing. This going and this sending takes strategy and resources and most of all prayer.

Pastor Josh mentioned in the sermon that Soma San Marcos is part of three church-planting networks: Soma, Acts29, and Redeemer Network. If you’ve never done so before, we encourage you to explore their websites this week. Get to know the networks and pray for their continued work in church-planting. Pray for Soma SM as we seek to partner more and more in their church-planting efforts. Pray and ask God to show how you as an individual, as a family, and as an MC can be part of the going and sending.

It’s easy to get caught up in the thought process that we already have too many churches. Why do we need to keep planting more?!? If that’s you’re thinking, we encourage you to read through this report, titled The Great Opportunity: The American Church in 2050. It’s long but it gives powerful statistical proof of the need for more churches. It states that “church planting in the US will need to double or triple from current rates to address population growth and anticipated church closures.” Specifically, “the American church needs to plant more than 215,000 churches in the next 30 years to maintain status quo.” The report also points out that “the American church has been the largest contributor to world missions and biblical translation in recent history - certainly for the last 150 years.” If the American church declines, the ripple effects will hurt the world as a whole. Healthy church-plants are necessary and vital within America and abroad. God-willing, Soma SM will one day see church-plants here in Central Texas AND across the nations!