"Tidying Up" for the Gospel

Netflix has won the internet yet again with it’s new show “Tidying Up.”  Marie Kondo is inspiring people everywhere to begin decluttering. And while it seems that her reasons for tidying up are likely rooted in eastern religion and culture, it also seems that there’s a direct link between decluttering and the Gospel.

See, the Gospel is simple.

Now, let’s not confuse simple with easy.  Nothing about the Gospel is easy. But it is simple.

Paul sums it up best in 1 Corinthians 2:2… “For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.”

Jesus Christ and him crucified.  That's the Gospel. Nothing more, nothing less.

And that's what our lives, our Missional Communities, our Church should declare and display.  Nothing more, nothing less.

It’s so easy (especially in America) to let our lives get cluttered with so much fluff, so many distractions.  If we’re not careful, this same clutter will bleed into our Church as well.

At Soma, our structure and our gatherings are simple on purpose.  No fancy lighting. No fancy staging. No fancy words. We don’t want to distract from the Gospel!  Our hope and prayer is that everyone who walks into our gatherings tastes and sees that the LORD is good.  The LORD alone.

To clarify, simple does not necessarily mean minimal.  Minimalism can quickly become an idol, much like materialism.  Decluttering and simplifying our lives, our Missional Communities, and our Church does not mean purging everything we own.  Nor does it mean hiding our mess. Rather, it means being intentional to make space, to carve out time and resources for Gospel priorities, such as hospitality and community.  Diversity and unity. Discipleship and mission. Worship and prayer.

So, as we tidy up our homes and declutter our cabinets, let us do the same with our lives, with our Missional Communities, and with our Church.  May God help us to live in such a way that points to the simple Gospel. May He guard us from distractions and let us know nothing except Jesus Christ and him crucified!