Reflection Guide - Nehemiah 5:14-19

Key points from the sermon:

  • In this passage, we see Nehemiah living a life (12 years) of financial compassion and sacrificial hospitality (table of 150+ men, strangers and friends alike).  This lifestyle is an outpouring of what God has already given us - He’s invited us to His eternal banqueting table, though we never earned a position at the table.

  • Verse 15 explains that Nehemiah’s lifestyle was “because of the fear of God.”  Ultimately, Nehemiah’s hope was in God, not in wealth. He could rightly steward his resources because he understood that it all belongs to God to be used for God’s purposes.  Nehemiah was not known for a love of money, but a love of God.

  • This passage sums up with Nehemiah asking God to remember him for his good, for all that he’s done for this people.  As New Testament Believers, we don’t have to cry out to God to remember all of our sacrifices! Instead, we get to cry out to God to remember the perfect sacrifice of Jesus on our behalf!  It is because Jesus Himself embodied sacrificial generosity 2,000 years ago that we, as present-day Christians, can embody a lifestyle of sacrificial generosity.

Scripture to meditate on this week:

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  -Matthew 6:21

Discussion Questions:

  1. What stands out to you when you read Neh. 5:14-19?  Why?

  2. We see here a lifestyle of financial compassion and sacrificial hospitality.  According to Nehemiah himself, what is driving this lifestyle? Looking at our own lives, what prevents us from this lifestyle?  What are the roadblocks we face to living a generous life?

  3. Look at verse 19.  What are your initial reactions to this statement?  As New Testament Believers, what is our cry to God? Why are we (as Christians) striving for a generous lifestyle?  Ultimately, where is our hope?


Look at your budget this week.  Where is your money going and how does that reflect your heart?  What changes can you make this month to align your heart to God and His mission?  Remember our Savior who gave ALL for our sake and let that guide our finances. Pray that God would continually give us a heart of generosity that oozes the Gospel.