Reflection Guide - Nehemiah 3:6-32

Key points from the sermon:

  • In this passage, we see the repetition of two prepositional phrases:  “Next to” and “In front of.” “Next to” shows that we are dependent on each other in doing God’s work.  “In front of” shows that we are primarily (not solely) responsible for the building up of our own homes.

  • Those two prepositional phrases combine to indicate a healthy unity in God’s work.  Lack of unity would leave weaknesses in the walls that the enemy could exploit, which is precisely how it works in the Christian family (both nuclear and church).

  • Unity is maintained through:  clarity of work (mission), interdependence (diversity), and co-dependence (desperate for Jesus together).

  • Ultimately, this passage reminds us that Christ has saved us into His diverse Body and has called us into His unified work for God’s glory and our holiness.

Scripture to meditate on this week:

“For as in one body we have many members, and the members do not all have the same function, so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.”  -Romans 12:4-5

Discussion Questions:

  1. What stands out to you when you read Nehemiah 3:6-32?  Why or how so?

  2. Thinking about the prepositional phrase “next to,” what does interdependence look like practically and spiritually for the Body?  What are the challenges of interdependence?

  3. Thinking about the prepositional phrase “in front of,” what does tending to your own home look like practically and spiritually?  What are the challenges of caring for our own homes?

  4. What are the keys to unity?  What causes disunity and how can we prevent that in the Body?


This week let’s aim for radical diversity and radical unity.  Pray for radical diversity and radical unity within Soma San Marcos.  Take the time to seek out someone within Soma San Marcos who is different from you (in race, in economic status, in age, etc.) and love them as a valuable brother or sister in Christ, knowing that we are all uniquely created and all called into the same mission and work as children of God.  Practice interdependence and co-dependence, leaning into Jesus together and alongside each other, trusting that radical diversity and radical unity rightly displays the Kingdom of God.