Our Providential Position

At the end of Nehemiah chapter 1, we saw that God had providentially positioned Nehemiah as cupbearer to the king.  This strategic position paved the way for how God would use Nehemiah to restore the walls of Jerusalem and bring hope to the nations!  As a local church plant, we believe that God has providentially and strategically positioned Soma San Marcos to be used in restoring the city and bringing hope to the nations.

  1. The Poor - From the very beginning when we planted in 2014, our Body has been learning to live as family and care for each others’ needs.  God has placed our Body in the midst of one of the poorest cities in Texas (36% of our residents live below the poverty level and our entire school district receives free breakfast and lunch).  Naturally, there are many needs - so many needs that it feels overwhelming at times. It’s not always easy to plant a church in a poor place.  However, we trust in a big God who redeems all things and delights in using us to make Him known.  Our small Body has a heart for meeting needs and we hope that God will use us to meet tangible needs here in San Marcos.  We hope that God will use us to bless the homeless, the single mothers, the sick and hurting. We hope that God will use us to create jobs and minister to the surrounding communities like Seguin, Kyle, and Wimberley.  Ultimately, we trust that God has strategically positioned us here among many needs that we might declare and display His glorious kingdom to a lost and dying world.

  2. The Students - San Marcos is home to Texas State University, which serves almost 39,000 college students from all over the state, the nation, and the world.  Enrollment trends are showing an increase in international students and even international studies. Not only are students coming to our city from other places, but many of them are studying and preparing to go to other places after graduation.  We understand that as a Church, we have the responsibility and unique privilege to reach these students with the Gospel, train them up as Biblical disciples of Jesus, and then send them out as everyday missionaries after graduation.  We want to be intentional in utilizing this natural way to reach the nations! It is no coincidence that Soma San Marcos is next door to a university.  It’s God’s strategic placement and plan.

  3. The Immigrants - San Marcos is also home to a large immigrant population.  We’re positioned along the I-35 corridor, which runs right up from Laredo by the Mexican border.  Our population is 42% Hispanic and we have a rich Latino culture. Again, it is no accident that Soma San Marcos has direct access to the southern border.  God has strategically positioned us and given us an opportunity to love and serve immigrants, as well as their extended families and friends in Latin America.  He wants to use us to reach the nations!

These are just three of the ways that show how God has gone before us and providentially placed us here to do the work that He prepared beforehand (Ephesians 2:10).  Soma San Marcos, we might be a city by a river, but let’s act as a city on a hill (Matthew 5:14). Please pray with us that our local work would lead to a global impact for Christ’s namesake!